Sunday, 21 May 2017


TO:  All Caregivers for Alzheimer's Persons,

is a collaboration between ADFM and The National Space Agency, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

MOSTI and ANGKASA Malaysia have developed an application using space/satellite technology (in the form of a watch to be worn by the Alzheimer’s person) that would benefit the Alzheimer’s community. This GPS monitoring system, tailors to fit the needs of the Alzheimer’s persons, providing an alternative way for the guardian/caregiver and care centre to monitor the movement of the AD persons.

The Alzheimer Trigger, Tracking and Tracing System (ATTRACT) for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease, under the MOSTI Social Innovation Programme (MSI Programme), is a research collaboration between ADFM and ANGKASA.  Through this MSI Programme, the movement of senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease will be monitored using a wrist watch enabled with satellite technology, SOS and virtual boundary control.  It aims to provide caregivers with an alternative method of monitoring the movement and improving the safety of their loved ones who are living with Alzheimer’s.

The Benefits of ATTRACT:
•   Provide caregivers with an alternative method of monitoring movement of AD persons both indoor and outdoor.
•   Improve the safety of AD persons by reducing the risk of getting lost and hurt in the process.
•  Benefit the Alzheimer’s dementia community by exploiting space technology and GPS/GNSS technology.

·         ATTRACT integrates GPS and Wi-Fi network capability to determine the location of a person with AD for  both  indoor and outdoor environments.
·         The movement of the person with AD will be monitored using a wrist watch enabled with GPS while the guardian will be able to track and monitor the person in real time via their smart devices.
·         Wi-Fi positioning system (WPS) is a good complement to GPS positioning where the GPS signal is weak and not available in an indoor environment. Furthermore, Wi-Fi network points are very common in a lot of buildings, shops, parks and public hotspots.

·         Real-time location tracking for indoor and outdoor environment.  
·         Movement zone / virtual boundary setup and time activation.            
·         SMS alert (up to 4 guardian smart devices).
·         History of the movement once cross the virtual boundary.
·         Monitoring system setup in AD care centre for observing user movement.

All the information is stored in dedicated database server located at 
ANGKASA headquarters, Banting, Selangor.

If the feedback is positive from this pilot research project, ANGKASA will arrange to have this device available in Malaysia and will monitor locally with the objective to make the pricing affordable to all the caregivers in the country.
Qualified participants (caregivers of the AD persons) will receive a (FREE) GPS gadget (a Wrist Watch) from ADFM for this pilot trial.  The device (a wrist watch) is to be returned to ADFM and ANGKASA after the trial period.

Interested participants are required to email:, providing full details of their particulars and confirmation of followings:

(1)       Full name of Alzheimer’s (AD) Person (Name according to NRIC).
(2)       AD Person NRIC Number.
(3)       AD Person Home Address.
(4)       Full Name of Guardian/Caregiver (Name according to NRIC).
(5)       Relationship of Guardian/ Caregiver with AD Person.
(6)       Contact (Mobile) number of Guardian/Caregiver.
(7)       Why you wish to participate in this pilot trial?  How this device will help you?
(8)       After the 3 months trial period, to provide your feedback and comments to ADFM & ANGKASA.   
(9)      To take special care of the GPS tracking device (wrist watch) when in your possession/care.
(10)    To return the wrist watch to ADFM after the trial period.

Our target is 50 caregivers for the pilot trial. This tracking system presently only support Android Mobile Phone. 

For more details, kindly contact Jenny at or Whatsapp 016 608 2513.

Kind regards,
Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM)
ADFM National Caregivers Support Network

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

SAT / 20MAY17 ADFM PJ Daycare Centre - Hands-On Training on "Mobility, Falls Prevention & Management of People with Dementia"

To:  Family caregivers and care workers

We are pleased to advise that we have invited Physiotherapist, Tracy Chan, who is back to Malaysia on vacation, to conduct a training session to our caregivers and care workers on “Mobility, Falls Prevention & Management of People with Dementia”. 


DATE:  Saturday, 20 May 2017
TIME:    2.00pm to 4.30pm  
VENUE:  ADFM PJ Day-Care Centre, No. 6, Lorong 11/8E, Seksyen 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya

The hands-on training for caring of dementia persons who are mobile covers:

1.  Safe ambulation using gait aides
2.  Checking gait aids
3.  Monitoring - alarms, sensor pads, restraints (not allowed)
4.  Falls - causes and prevention, how to check a client post fall, and how to get them up.

FREE Registration – Family caregivers and care workers for people living with dementia.

To register, email and copy providing:
(1)    Full Name/s
(2)    Mobile contact
(3)    Email address
(4)    If family caregiver - to whom you are caring for
(5)    For healthcare workers, please indicate from where?

Any questions, please WhatsApp or call Jenny at mobile 016 608 2513.

Please Register Early for logistic arrangements.

Kind regards,
ADFM National Caregivers Support Network